Hey there! Thanks for choosing me to design something special just for you. Let’s get started shall we?

How it Works:

First, get in contact with me, Joe, and let me know what you are looking for.

You can contact me by

email at,

phone at 346.606.2285,

or add me as a friend on facebook or instagram and message me through one of those.

Come prepared with as much information as you can, to help assist me in getting you exactly what you want. Reference photos is a big one, whether you are commissioning me to do a portrait or pet portrait, or something involving real world objects, as many pictures that you can provide will help. If it is more of an abstract concept, ideas on colors, themes, seasons, or feelings help to determine the direction of the piece. If you want something that “looks like (fill in the blank)” try to already source the images to show me what art style you are looking for. If you are not prepared for the initial contact, no worries! There is no pressure and we can always figure things out as the project evolves. I stay in constant contact with my clients and I will communicate until I feel confident I understand what you would like to receive.

As far as my art mediums go, the majority of my work is done with pencil and alcohol inks on thick paper. My average rates are posted below and they reflect a fully utilized 11×14 sheet. I can, and will, paint or use other mediums if requested, although at this point in time, you may be required to put additional funds in the deposit so I can purchase the materials required for the piece.

There is no set turn around time, as I am but one man. However, generally speaking turn around time is usually between 2 to 4 weeks. I stay in touch with you throughout the process and send update photos on the process along the way. I want all of my clients to be extremely happy with their purchase so I always go out of my way to ensure that is the case.

My General Pricing Guideline :

  1. $50 Deposit after Initial Consultation.
  2. Full Price Paid On Completion with Shipping.
  3. $20 2-day Flat Rate Shipping (1-3 Pieces).
  4. $100 11×14 Pencil Drawing.
  5. $120 11×14 Greyscale Ink Drawing.
  6. $150 11×14 Full Color Ink Drawing.
  7. Rare Occasions Additional Fees May be Added.